Visiting Lecturer Dr. Caroline Nabuzale (PhD)

Caroline Nabuzale

I am happy to introduce to you Dr. Caroline Nabuzale (Ph.D.) a Visiting Lecturer and Researcher under the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) Staff Mobility Programme AY2018/2019. Dr. Caroline is a Lecturer of Journalism and Communication Studies at Mount Kenya University, Rwanda.


She is a visitor at the Institute of Languages and Communication Studies, Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) for one semester, February – May 2019. Dr. Caroline is participating in the review of the curricula for MA in Corporate and Strategic Communications and MA in Social Pastoral Communications and teaching and assessment of Principles of Advertising course to the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication class. She is also conducting research on indigenous language media in East Africa and looks forward to interacting with you on the same.

We thank Dr. Caroline for choosing UMU as her host institution and wish her a pleasant stay. We are grateful for the enormous support from the IUCEA.

Virtute et Sapientia.

Rev. Prof. John C. Maviiri

Vice Chancellor