UMU holds 11th annual research conference


Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) has held the 11th Annual Research Conference under the theme: Innovative teaching and learning for Higher Education in changing times. It was held at UMU Main Campus, Nkozi Cardinal Wamala Auditorium.

In his opening remarks, UMU Vice Chancellor Rev. Prof. John Chrysostom Maviiri highlighted the need for all Universities to produce graduates who are critical thinkers that will help to solve problems that are affecting society today.

“We can’t be producing graduates who are going out to look for employment because there are no jobs to absorb everyone. We should rather be producing graduates who will apply themselves to change society,” he reminded participants.

He appealed to all participants to engage in research as a way of searching for more knowledge and solve challenges.

Dr. Chip Kingsbury who was the keynote speaker of the conference stressed the need for higher education institutions to adopt transformative learning values of; Becoming over knowing; Meaning- making over sense-making; Knowledge creation over knowledge replication and; Learning over teaching.


He added that Universities should always strive at producing graduates who are going to change the world rather than those that will be forced to fit into this changing world.

Dr. Chip Kingsbury is the Coordinator, Center for Excellence in teaching and learning at Daystar University in Nairobi-Kenya.

Dr. Bendicto Kabiito reminded participants that research is one of the pillars that define education at UMU besides the teaching, learning and community engagement. He highlighted that research is an institutional call, an individual endeavor and a social process that is embedded in the University’s vision and mission.

Dr. Bendicto Kabiito is the acting Associate Dean, Research and Publications in the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (SPGSR), the organizers of this conference.