UMU dedicates academic year 2019/2020 to the Lord


The Right Reverend John Baptist Kaggwa, Bishop Emeritus of Masaka Diocese has advised the Uganda Martyrs University community to work very hard and remain very focused if they are to achieve their purpose in life adding that the staff and students are the very first people who will make UMU achieve its goals and remain relevant to its values.

“Many people desire to study or work here but do not have that opportunity like you do. Therefore, God has called you here for a mission which you must accomplish. Practice self-discipline and schedule your time properly to ensure that you accomplish your purpose here,” Bishop Kaggwa said.

He was officiating at the Dedication of studies Mass for the Academic year 2019/2020 at Uganda Martyrs University-Main Campus Nkozi.

His Lordship John Baptist Kaggwa reminded UMU students that they are expected to be exemplary from students of other institutions by leading the world in Virtue and Wisdom, as the University motto states, in order to make a difference in life.

He explained that a University student is primarily a researcher who should discover ways of bettering people’s lives. “Awaken the gifts that God has given you by working together to change the face of this world and fight the challenges the country is going through,” he advised.


Bishop Kaggwa reminded the staff and students that whenever there are moments of frustration, they should always endure as soldiers of Christ, exhibit patience, discipline, and obedience in order to attain the wisdom they are all searching for.

The Vice-Chancellor Rev. Prof. John Chrysostom Maviiri explained that the University is moving forward and has been given an opportunity to align its goals to the demands of the 21st Century. He, therefore, called upon all the stakeholders to always reflect on the goals that brought them here and work towards achieving them.

He highlighted that there is a need to make UMU a place where it is good to be by being creative, avoid negative thinking but look for solutions of whatever challenges the University is going through.

He reminded students that their primary duty is to take care of themselves especially by avoiding death traps like being dragged into the use of drugs.

“You are all aware that people in the Country are being kidnapped and many of them have been killed, so take care of your movements and associations, avoid night movements, guard yourselves against bad characters, don’t give yourselves too much to strangers because we do not want to lose you,” the Vice-Chancellor advised. Students were also counseled against indecent dressing but respect themselves and others.

Wednesday 4th September 2019 is a day when all Uganda Martyrs University campuses dedicated the entire academic year to God because without Him, nothing is possible.

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