Transformative Learning Workshop for UMU Management and Deans


A Transformative Learning workshop organized by the TESCEA project and facilitated by AFELT was held for members of UMU Management and Deans from November 19 to November 21 at Garden Courts Hotel in Masaka. It brought together members of Management, Deans and some members of strategic committees and departments of the University, including the chair of the Strategic Plan Committee, the Director of the Directorate of the Quality Assurance and the University Public Relations Officer. This workshop preceded the third-course redesign workshop for UMU Lecturers organized for November 21 to November 29. These latter are mostly staff who underwent the TESCEA training for the first time.

This was immediately followed by one day of a transformative workshop and later course redesign workshop. The course redesign was the third and last course redesign in the TESCEA project at UMU. Lecturers were trained further by the AFELT team on course redesign. The hope is that the trained lecturers will be well equipped to retrain others and bring about the transformation of Employability for social change within the region.


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