The Kibeho Pilgrimage


I would like to use this platform to welcome back those who went for a pilgrimage to Kibeho Rwanda, to thank all those who made the pilgrimage possible and to share in summary my experience of Kibeho with those who stayed behind.

On Friday 1st November 2019 I went with the UMU Community to Kibeho, half of the team was of UMU Staff and another half was of UMU Students and we came back on Monday morning 4th November 2019.

From 1981 up to1989 Mother Mary appeared to three young girls of former Kibeho Primary Teachers College. The girls are Alfonsine, Natalie Mukamazimpaka and Marie Claire Mukangango. These apparitions were approved and confirmed to be true by Rome (Vatican) in 2003.

Mother Mary first appeared to Alfonsine in 1981, many students and people opposed it but Natalie desired to pray over it so that Mother Mary may reveal the truth.  Mother Mary then started appearing to Natalie too. Marie Claire opposed it, she became the leader of the opposition and she had a big following. Mother Mary appeared to Marie Claire too she believed and her big group which was opposing also believed.


During the Rwanda Genocide of 1994 Alfonsine escaped through Congo to Ivory Coast where she became a nun of the Congregation of the Poor Claires, Marie Claire died during the Genocide; Natalie remained at Kibeho apparition site up to today. While there, I prayed for all those who entrusted me with their prayers and I also left your written prayers in the Prayer Box within the Apparition Chapel. When the girls asked Mother Mary that who are you, she said I’m the mother of the Word. She entrusted the three girls with the following ten messages:

  1. People to” Repent, Rent, Repent!” “Convert while there is still time.”
  2. “The world conducted itself very badly.” “The world hastens to its ruin, it will fall into an abyss.” “It is plunged into innumerable and unrelenting disaster.” “The world is rebellious against God, it commits too many sins, it has neither love nor peace.” “If you do not repent and do not convert your hearts you will fall into the abyss.”
  3. On August 15, 1982, the Mother of the Word appeared crying, she was sad. She complained of our bad way of life, which is characterized by the slackness of customs, the likeness of evil and continuous disobedience to God’s Commandments.
  4. Mother of the Word told Alfonsine that, “Faith and Unbelief will come us seen.”
  5. On May 15, 1982 Mother of the word told Natalie, “No one will reach heaven without suffering; that “a child of Mary does not reject suffering.” Suffering as a means of compensating for the sins of the world and participating in Jesus’ Salvation of the world.
  6. Mary begs the visionaries to pray in abundance for the whole world, to teach others to pray, and to pray for those who do not pray for themselves.
  7. Mother of the Word calls for a sincere and regular praying of the rosary.
  8. The visionary Marie Claire received revelations about the Rosary of the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary. It was well known in the past. It had been forgotten. The Mother of the Word of Kibeho desires for it to be renewed and spread in the church. However, this prayer does not replace the Holy Rosary.
  9. On January 16, 1982, the Mother of the Word desired that a Chapel be built for her- as a sign of the remembrance of her revelations at Kibeho.
  10. The Mother of the Word said to Alfonsine on August 15, 1983, and on November 28, 1983, that, “Pray always for the church, when many troubles are upon it in the time to come.”

Thank you.

Fr. Zzimbe Blaise Ssebizibu


UMU Nkozi Main Campus

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