TESCEA Course redesign workshop held in Mbale


The second round of the course redesign workshop was held for UMU from July 7 to July 14 at Wash & Wills in Mbale. It was facilitated collaboratively by AFELT, INASP and co-facilitated by the Gender and ToT teams from UMU.

It brought together participants from the four Faculties/Schools whose programs were selected for re-design
by TESCEA. It involved a number of academics trained for the first time and others who already underwent the first round of training. Notable among the participants was the University Academic Registrar who was present during the whole duration of the training. He appreciated the commitment of INASP and the professionalism of the AFELT facilitators. He appreciated that lot was learned including new attitudes like commitment.

The course redesign workshop was preceded by preparations of staff during a preparation meeting and a pre-course design workshop held 3rd of July. It was informed by feedback from JAG and from the student’s evaluation of the teaching of those courses.

transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa (TESCEA) supports universities, industry, communities, and government to work together to create a learning experience for students that produce employable and creative graduates for social change.

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