The School of arts and Social Sciences is a cluster of four departments and a centre namely: Governance and Peace Studies, International and Diplomatic studies, Development studies, and finally Languages and Communication Studies. The school has a vital centre of African studies that has an exceptionally grounded focus on Africa as a continent,nce....

Faculty Handbook

School of Arts and Social Sciences Vission, Mission & Objectives

To be an entity that is highly recognized for educating the millennial generation; producing outcome-centred graduates well equipped with real world-problem solving skills.
The SASS is committed to providing innovative, high quality instruction that empowers students to become responsible citizens, highly trained employees/experts and lifelong learners. The SASS aspires to produce men and women who value scholarship, diversity, and integrity. Through research and community engagement the SASS reaches out to society in service.
  1. Maintain a high quality of course instructors and programs that respond to the millennium needs and challenges.
  2. In its approach, assign students creative, inventive, and challenging tasks necessary for provoking them to address complex, social, economic, ethical, and personal demands.
  3. Acquaint students with theories, concepts, and data that they can use to evaluate human situations that form part of their political, social, and economic world.
  4. Prepare students for the job market, by imparting them with relevant skills to enable them to make viable contributions to their nation and to the wellbeing and growth of their enterprises and workplaces.
  5. Encourage students and staff to engage in useful research that will enrich the nation and the institution.
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Handwork
  • Generosity
  • Soliderity
The world's social transformation starts with you!

Courses offered