About CAS

To promote quality research, documentation, and exchange of ideas on Africa and her relations with the outside world
  • To facilitate research on and collection of elements of Africa’s cultural heritage and their relevance in contemporary times;
  • Facilitate respectful dialogue/ conversations among African and foreign researchers on African issues with a view to enhancing knowledge pluralism;
  • To address misrepresentations and underrepresentation of Africa through rigorous research, public debates, and publication;
  • To promote the appreciation and utilisation of relevant African cultural precepts and knowledge


Our research focus cuts across the disciplines but mainly inclined towards the arts and social sciences. We privilege interdisciplinary research as a way of overcoming the limitations of disciplinary boundaries. CAS runs a monograph publication series called Mtafiti Mwafrika (African Researcher) and publishes thematic anthologies based on seminars, dialogues, and African research conferences.
The Center houses the Uganda Martyrs University Museum which was set up in 1996 as a collection of indigenous cultural artefacts and sculptures from Uganda and elsewhere in Africa. Its mission is to preserve and promote African culture, as well as to facilitate research on its significance in the present African and world development contexts. It is one of the few anthropological museums in Uganda.
The primary purpose of the CAS research fellowship/affiliation will be two-fold: to marshal collaborative endeavours through joint research and disseminations, as well as to assist specific research affiliates with getting support for registration with UNCST plus access to the UMU library and other scholarly resources.
The Center organises periodic workshops and dialogues on debates facilitated by guest speakers who are researchers in the area of African studies. CAS also holds Policy Dialogues involving fellows engaged in policy-oriented research targeting the state, cultural and religious institutions.