The term ‘Quality Assurance’ has become a common vocabulary in the global higher education management and practices. This could be attributed to the recent rapid expansion and massification of university education around the world which has diminished the traditional elitist nature of the University as an institution. This questions the relevance and efficacy of university services... Click to continue
To promote efficient planning, management and provision of quality services in order to achieve excellence nationally and internationally.
To strengthen, consolidate and maintain Total Quality Assurance in Uganda Martyrs University.
The main objective of the Quality Assurance Directorate shall be to assist in setting up, maintaining and improving the quality and standards of research, teaching, scholarship,  and service to the community.

Specific objectives

  1. To safeguard and improve the academic standards and quality of education at the University
  2. To provide guidance in development and implementation of internal and external quality assurance procedures and practices
  3. To plan for regular peer review activities and ensure that the quality of academic programmes and non-academic services meet expectations of the stakeholders
  4. To promote the integrity of the academic awards of the University
  5. To continually improve quality of community service programmes offered by the University
  6. To develop and sustain a culture of quality seeking and quality assurance among members of the university community
  7. To strengthen the independent role played by the Quality Assurance Directorate in all activities of UMU
  8. To organize and offer training to UMU staff and affiliates about QA issues.

Staff Contacts


Dr Richard Ouma (PhD)

  • P.O Box 5498, Kampala
  • +256772395525