Prof. Hebert Samuel Baligidde appears with the Head of the EU Delegation in Uganda

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Since the Government of Uganda, as well as others in the Great Lakes Region, adhered to the global paradigm of forging concerted efforts in finding solutions to the problems that challenge mankind UMU Staff have consistently engaged in various international, regional and local partnerships and fora aimed at the same objectives and goals. Recently an EU-IGAD Workshop on Mediation Peer-to-Peer Experience Sharing took place from 24-25 January 2018 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala, Ternan Avenue. Several others have taken place elsewhere within the region and as far as Durban-South Africa. Prof Herbert Samuel Baligidde, a former senior Foreign Service Officer who switched to academia on retirement and now teaches diplomacy related courses at Uganda Martyrs University was nominated to membership of the IGAD High-Level Mediation Roster and has since 2014 been an active member of the Uganda Delegation.


He plays the role of mediator, diplomat and academic expert who often facilitates or moderates’ workshop or retreat sessions.

The National Council for Higher Education has always emphasized the need for making university education relevant to the needs of government, business, industry, and society. Apart from designing appropriate curricula to do that and staff as well as students participating in community engagement international responsibility and engagement are another way adhering to the NCHE’s declared imperative. Some of the photos capture the highlights of the visit while others capture a visit to the Mediterranean Diplomatic Academy of the University of Malta where the Delegation met faculty who had previously served as Ambassadors. Amb Baligidde has participated in or as:

  • Member of the High-Level IGAD Mediation Roster since 2014.
  • The Uganda Foreign Policy Review Project in 2012.
  • The induction of newly appointed ambassadors.
  • As a founding member of the Think Tank Uganda Council on Foreign Relations [UCFR].
  • Briefing of members of Parliament on Protocol, Etiquette and Correct Form in 2016.
  • Part-time Lecturer for the International Human Relations Course in the Leadership and Human Relations Masters Programme in the Department of Religious Studies at Makerere University 2005-2009, among others.

The outcome of the Kampala Meeting

  1. An enriched experience of IGAD Mediators on international mediation operations;
  2. Shared regional context, experiences with EU and UN on mediation support teams;
  3. Strengthened understanding of member states ambassadors on the role of mediation support entities in mediations processes from experiences of other multilateral organizations;
  4. Way forward in institutionalizing mediation support in the IGAD region by exposing IGAD Mediators to the role of mediation support functions;
  5. Workshop Report as a basis for future collaboration.
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