Launch of the UMU Joint Advisory Group


Uganda Martyrs University TESCEA project held its first Joint Advisory Group meeting, JAG, on the 30th of August 2018 at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala.

Registrar, Dr. Christopher Mukiidi, representing the Vice Chancellor opened the meeting, noting that the link between universities and industries in Uganda and Africa in general, is weak, and many graduates are unfit for available jobs raising a question of the quality of graduates. So, TESCEA’s coming is timely as UMU celebrates 25 years of existence.


The project head, Prof. Ngabirano Maximiano introduced TESCEA as a project is aimed at bridging the gap between Universities and Industry to tackle the problem of unemployment that is affecting the youth. Universities and industry will work together to create a learning experience that will form employable and creative graduates who can cause social change. He introduced TESCEA’s implementing partners

JAG is an external face of TESCEA at Uganda Martyrs University supporting the engagement of stakeholders and university, identifying graduate skills, overseeing and coordinating of TESCEA activities with stakeholders. The JAG is aimed as a think tank to discuss the problem and find strategies to them. To discover the skills and knowledge needed for industry, mentorship opportunities from industry through internship and enhancement of gender consciences in designing curricula.

The DVC AA prof. Michael Mawa noted that 63% of graduates in Uganda lack job market skills and two issues of relevance of curriculum and pedagogy stand out. He also noted the skills mismatch between what employers expect and what institutions of higher education produce. This is because there has been minimal involvement of industry and community in curriculum development and reviews. This lack of involvement has contributed a lot to the lack of employable skills. He highlighted ways in which employers can participate in curriculum development.

There were open/panel discussions on entrepreneurial skills by the Ministry of gender, Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), panels in social leadership skills and innovation and creativity.

Dr. Femi Nzegwu from INASP noted that JAGs are key in supporting universities in learning and teaching proactively in advice and practice. It is also used in implementation as a tracking tool by informing in real time what is working and what is not.

There was an election of the JAG committee and the DVC made closing remarks encouraging members to work together to transform the learning of our graduates.

TESCEA, Transforming Employability for Social Change in East Africa (TESCEA) supports universities, industry, communities, and government to work together to create a learning experience for students that produce employable and creative graduates for social change.
TESCEA is a partnership funded by the SPHEIR (Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform) programme.