Institute of languages receives a donation of books

Pictured with the boxes of 822 books, from left to right are Cathy Hughes School of Communications Dean and Professor Gracie Lawson-Borders Ph.D., Assistant Angela Toledo, Dominique Harrison Ph.D., of The Aspen Institute and Professor and Chair of Communication, Culture and Media Studies, Carolyn Byerly Ph.D.

The Institute of Languages received a donation of books from The Cathy Hughes School of Communications and The Aspen Institute and The International Communication Association. The collection concentrates on communication studies to social sciences and will help in the development of the new communications department, under the Institute of Languages and Communication Studies, and the university library.

The donation was received by the head of department, Journalism and Mass Communication, Dr Denis Samanya and handed over to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Michael Mawa. Dr Samnya expressed gratitude for the generous donation:

I am extremely excited for the number of books that were parked and sent purposely for journalism and communication studies. A quick look at them indicates that Prof. Carolyn Byerly, the communications culture and media studies department chair at Howard University really understands our departmental needs and made the rightful selection of the books.

Prof. Mawa handed over the books to the University Librarian Ms Judith Nannozi

Archbishop Kiwanuka Memorial Library is once again grateful to Prof. Carolyn Byerly the communications culture and media studies department chair at Howard University, who initiated contact with Dr Agnes Lucy Lando, African Regional Representative to the Board of International Communication Association (ICA) to discuss possible placement for the books, Dr Lando for making possible the shipping arrangements and Dr Dominique Harrison, Senior Project Manager, of The Aspen Institute in Washington, DC. For initiating the donation.

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