Graduation list and letter from Registrar


Graduation List  Graduation Letter

Dear Graduand,

Greetings and best wishes from Uganda Martyrs University (UMU).  The academic journey indeed has been long, but at last, your success is within sight.  As we start preparations for graduation, UMU Management would like you to take note of the following:

  1. The last Senate meeting to receive all results (including those of your research project) will take place in September 2017. A student whose results will not be submitted by the September Senate will mean that he/she will graduate the following year (March or November 2018).
  2. Every student will be required to use the available gown supplied by the University. Therefore you will not be allowed to use any gown from another institution.  In view of this, Management has put in place a plan to make the gowns available as early as possible so that students can pick them with ease. IT IS A MUST TO PAY FOR THE UMU GOWN AS PART OF THE GRADUATION FEE AND NO REFUND WILL BE MADE.
  3. On clearance for graduation, Management has noted that students go through a lot of hassle to clear especially those students coming from other campuses. Students will, therefore, clear from their respective campuses and campus officials will ensure that students’ clearance records are in line with the Main Campus requirements.  The officials will also ensure that gowns and other necessary requirements for students’ graduation are delivered at the respective campuses.  By 20th October 2017, you should have cleared with your Faculty and Finance in order for you to graduate in November 2017.
  4. As a graduand, please be informed that you are entitled to TWO VISITORS ONLY THAT CAN COME ALONG WITH YOU AT THE GRADUATION. Please save us from the embarrassment of turning extra people away on the day of graduation.
  5. Management has decided that this year (2017) there will be 23rd Graduation Part I on FRIDAY 17TH NOVEMBER 2017. This means therefore that all students from all programs will graduate on that day. Please note there is no second day of graduation.  Management also decided that there will be 23rd Graduation Part II on FRIDAY  16th MARCH 2018 to cater for those who will not have graduated in November 2017.  If you are to graduate in November, it is therefore important that you make your clearance (see no. 3 above).
  6. It is very important that you understand that you need to dress properly on the day of graduation. If you are a lady and wearing a skirt, it is expected that your skirt at least SHOULD COVER YOUR KNEES.  The moment you start pulling it, know that you are already wearing something that does not fit you properly.  Gentlemen will be expected


  1. Here is a list of various fees regarding graduation. I hope you keep this information near you so that it will be handy as you clear for graduation.  Graduation Fees

Postgraduate/Bachelor/Diploma: the cost is UGX 200,000 and it covers the academic documents 100,000, graduation expenses 80,000 and alumni fee is 20,000.


  1. Graduation gown: For PhD, the cost is UGX 200,000; Masters is UGX 150,000; Bachelor is 100,000; Diploma UGX 70,000 and Certificate is UGX 55,000.
Summary:  PhD: 400,000
                       Masters: 350,000
                      Bachelors: 300,000
                      Diploma: 270,000
                      Certificate: 255,000


  1. Once you have known how much to pay, pick a bank slip from your Campus, the Bank to pay to is: STANBIC B The Account title is: Uganda Martyrs University. The Account Number is 9030005766523. PLEASE DO NOT USE ZEEPAY 
  2. As you plan to graduate, also plan to pick another application form for the next program to
    be enrolled in.

While wishing you a successful completion of your studies at Uganda Martyrs University, I
Sincerely yours,

Rev. Dr Christopher B. Mukidi

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