Faculty of Health Science


Our mandate is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and improvement of health sector performance through training of health managers, promoters and public health specialists, primarily at and by the university. On invitation, we also contribute to the training of health managers/promoters/public health officials at their workplaces and within their area of jurisdiction in Uganda and anywhere else...

Faculty Handbook

The Faculty of Health Science Vision, Mission, & Guiding principles

To have a critical mass of competent and responsible managers of health services, health promoters and Public Health officials in Uganda, who will contribute to equitable, efficient and effective healthcare system enabling the residents of Uganda to enjoy a good health status.
To create a health workforce of health managers, health promoters and public health officials with the integrity, knowledge, managerial skills and competencies needed to provide good quality health services to the Ugandan population.
We strive to achieve our aims through committed and high quality self-directed study, teaching, research, publications and consultancy relevant to the needs of the country.
We strive to transfer the right attitudes through leadership and example, for we know that no amount of knowledge, skills and competencies can contribute to change and improve society unless they are used and applied through positive and caring attitudes.
We strive to achieve and maintain a strong team spirit, shared objectives, ideas and information, openness, frank collaboration, hard work as the foundations of our philosophy and style of work.
We strive to create the right work environment that enables every member of our staff and student bodies to voice their interests and concerns knowing that they will be listened to empathetically and acted upon rapidly whenever possible.
We strive to keep at the cutting edge of health management, health promotion, public health and policy training, research, formulation, monitoring and evaluation in Uganda and internationally.
We strive to create a critical mass of committed, ethical and technically competent health managers in strategically correct positions in Uganda’s health system, not through posting or lobbying but rather through thorough ethically sound training and leadership by example.