Faculty of Agriculture


The Faculty of Agriculture started in 2000. The goal of the Faculty is to produce professional agriculturists with the hands-on skills they need to contribute to the modernization and sustainability of agricultural production in Africa. Uganda Martyrs University hopes that through producing these professionals, the Faculty contributes to the improvement of food security and nutrition and poverty alleviation in Africa...

Faculty Handbook

Faculty of Agriculture Mission, Vision & Objectives

The Faculty of Agriculture is to holistically build a critical mass of quality professional agriculturists with sustainable resource management hands-on skills, in order to meet the University‟s goal of creating an environment where intellectual and moral values are a priority, while contributing to the national goal of modernizing agriculture as a means of achieving food security, alleviating poverty and diversifying foreign exchange earnings through short and long term, demand driven curricula, as well as farmer needs oriented research and outreach programs.
To produce a graduate with capacity to create jobs, and with all round knowledge of agriculture that translates into real physical and financial outputs.
  1. To provide high quality education, designed to meet the dynamic demands of the agriculture sector.
  2. To execute research and disseminate appropriate knowledge and skills for modernization and improved productivity and profitability of agriculture.
  3. To collaborate with advanced knowledge institutions, universities, International Agricultural Research and Development Centres (IARCs) Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs, Community Based Organizations (CBOs networks and individual enterprises with a stake in developing sustainable agriculture.
  4. To ensure sustainability of Faculty programs and design winning curricular that lead to successful trainees.

Courses offered