Expression of Interest for a ToT in BSF Technology


BSF Commercialization Project (BSFCOMP) is a World Bank funded Project through the Private Sector Foundation (Uganda) and managed by the Skill Development Facility.

The Development objective of the World Bank project is to develop skills among Ugandans in order to improve their incomes and better their Livelihoods.

The main objective of the BSF Commercialization Project is to commercially breed Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae as an alternative high-quality protein to conventional expensive fish and soya protein for livestock feeds.

This project is therefore aimed at the introduction and scaling up and out the use of BSF larvae which is a high quality but cheaper protein source as an alternative to the conventional use of Silver Fish (Mukene) and other food sources which are expensive and competed for as food. Feed is therefore expected to be cheaper and more available as a result of the adoption of Technology.

BSFCOMP is a one-year project targeting smallholder and medium scale Farmers especially Women and Youth whose incomes are currently threatened by expensive and fake feeds on the Market that reduce productivity.

Project outcome

  1. A BSF breeding unit established at the University.
  2. 30 trainees undergo a ToT in Black Soldier Fly larvae breeding.
  3. 10 farmer groups trained on breeding the Black Soldier Fly larvae.
  4. A training Curriculum (Short Course) in Insect production developed and rolled out.
  5. A Feed mill established and operationalized at UMU


Expression of Interest for a ToT

In fulfillment of Outcome 2 and in line with the World Bank Development Objective for this project, the BSF Commercialization Project in conjunction with the Faculty of Agriculture and African Center of Excellence in Agroecology and Livelihood Systems (ACALISE) invites expressions of interest for a ToT in Production and Processing of BSF for Livestock Feed. This is a 3 weeks Course commencing on Monday 8 April 2019.

Course fees and training materials will be paid for by the project in addition to Lunches, Teas and a minimal transport refund.


Applicants should be:

  1. Ugandan Citizen or registered for training Programmes in Uganda
  2. Employed at Uganda Martyrs University OR its affiliate
  3. Have sufficient knowledge in Biological Sciences to understand Insect breeding
  4. Possess an interest in livestock production.

Possession of a Diploma or higher Qualification in Agriculture will be an added advantage.

How to apply

Expressions of interest which should be composed of:

  • A letter of Motivation which should not be more than one page (Font 12 New Times Roman)
  • A short/ abridged CV – 1 page
  • Photocopy of a relevant Biological/ Agricultural qualification.

The above documents should be sent to the Project administrator Ms. Rosette Nalugo on not later than 31 March 2019.

Successful applicants will be informed by 3 April 2019.


Professor Julius Mwine

Principal Investigator

BSF Commercialization Project