Launch of UMU’s Centre for African Studies and its maiden book (Decolonisation Pathways)

Event Description

You are invited to the launch of Uganda Martyrs University’s Centre for African Studies and its maiden book (Decolonisation Pathways) on 23rd June 2018.

  Download: programme of the Launch of the Center for African Studies and its first book

The Guest Speaker is Dr. Kihura Nkuba (a renowned pan-Africanist behind several practical initiatives). His presentation will be discussed by Professor Peter Kanyandago (a senior research fellow at UMU’s Center for African Studies). The Guest of Honour is Joe Oloka-Onyango (a professor of constitutional law at Makerere University’s School of Law). The event will be moderated by David Ngendo-Tshimba (UMU lecturer and MISR Ph.D. candidate).
The presentation and discussions will have many reflective points on the ideal role of a university in Africa, and how we can free our minds from all sorts of chains that have bound them in ways pre-emptive of development and damaging to our dignity as Africans. If you have ever listened to the speakers of the day, then you know why you must attend. If you haven’t, then don’t wait for diluted secondhand narratives – be there.
The event starts at 1:45 pm sharp at the Pope Paul II Memorial Building Conference Hall (NOT POPE PAUL MEMORIAL HOTEL). It is on the second floor of the building that houses Centenary Bank, right next to Lubaga Cathedral on Stensera Road.
Copies of the book will be on sale at only 40,000/- (image attached). Entry is open. Please be there, and tell a friend.

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