Bachelor of Inclusive Deaf Education (Arts & Sciences)


Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) through the Faculty of Education has developed an inclusive education programme, the Bachelor of Inclusive Deaf Education (Arts and Sciences) which has been duly accredited by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).


Bachelor of Inclusive Deaf Education (BIDE) is a new undergraduate programme to train secondary school teachers with additional knowledge and skills of teaching deaf and hard of hearing students. The students will receive hands-on-skills to enable them to communicate, teach, screen hearing and support students with hearing loss in either inclusive or special secondary schools. Therefore, graduates of this programme teacher will teach both regular students and students with disabilities with specific reference to the deaf and hard of hearing.

For the first three years of offering the BIDE programme, UMU is going to partner with the Royal Dutch Kentalis and work with their experts in teaching and training teacher trainees.  Royal Dutch Kentalis is a national organization that has for the last 225 years specialized in providing diagnostics, care and educational services to people with a variety of hearing and/or communication challenges. The organization has more than 4000 staff members, 20 special needs schools, itinerant services in regular schools, pre-school and parents’ services and diagnostic centres.


Kentalis International Foundation (KIF) is the international project office of the Academy of Royal Dutch Kentalis and responsible for international knowledge exchange. They are specialized in adapting expertise to local circumstances in other countries’ educational settings and development. Their experts (teachers of the deaf, sign language teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, audiologists, education experts, curriculum development specialists, early intervention and family support workers and researchers) are assigned to international projects for training purposes. KIF has experienced project coordinators.  Their international knowledge exchange is centred on pedagogic and educational approaches in our field of Deaf Education and other support services. (

Synopsis and bide Course Structure

  1. Deaf Education and Sign Language
    • Course Code Title Credit Unit
      BIDE 1101 Introduction to Special Needs Education 3CU
      BIDE 1102 Understanding Deafness 3CU
      BIDE 1103 Ugandan Sign Language I 3CU
      BIDE 1204 Communication and Language Development in Deaf Children 3CU
      BIDE 1205 Ugandan Sign Language II 3CU
      BIDE 1206 Teaching Strategies and Models Deaf Learners 3CU
      BIDE 2101 Language and Vocabulary Education for Deaf Learners 3CU
      BIDE 2102 Ugandan Sign Language III 3CU
      BIDE 2103 Educational Audiology I 3CU
      BIDE 2204 Visualization Strategies in teaching Deaf Learners 3CU
      BIDE 2205 Ugandan Sign Language IV 3CU
      BIDE 2206 Educational Audiology II 3CU
      BIDE 2207 Micro-teaching I 3CU
      BIDE 3101 2nd Language and Comprehension Reading for Deaf Learners 3CU
      BIDE 3102 Ugandan Sign Language V 3CU
      BIDE 3203 Psychological Development in Deaf Learners 3CU
      BIDE 3204 Transition and Collaboration Services for Deaf Learners 3CU
      BIDE 3205 Ugandan Sign Language VI 3CU
      BIDE 3206 Micro Teaching II 3CU
  2. Teaching subjects courses
    • Students will specialize in one of the following subjects: History, Geography, English, and Literature in English, Religious Studies, Luganda, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Studies, and Physics.
  1. Professional courses
    • Students will also learn courses designed to prepare them for professional roles as teachers.  These include; Introduction to Educational Psychology, Principles of Education, History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Educational Technology, Guidance and Counseling,  Sociology of Education, Educational Measurements and Evaluation.
  2. Institutional courses
    • These include Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology, English Language Grammar and Ethics related courses.
  1. Field experience
    • Students will do supervised teaching practice in Schools with deaf learners to practice professional, pedagogical, and social skills.
  1. Micro-teaching
    • Students will do supervised practice, teaching their fellow learners focusing on pedagogy and multilingual communication skills.
  1. Community Practical Project on Understanding Deafness
    • Students will be involved in informal learning activities with the Deaf Community to enable them to get an in-depth understanding of deafness for a mindset change.
  1. Dissertation
    • BIDE students will be expected to present a dissertation of at least 50 pages in line with deaf education.

Career Opportunities

  1. Teaching in special secondary schools
  2. Teaching in inclusive secondary schools
  3. Teaching in regular secondary schools
  4. Sign language interpretation
  5. Deaf advocate
  6. Providing basic hearing screening services

Admission Requirements

A minimum of 2 principal passes in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education obtained at the same sitting.  He/she should have obtained at least 5 passes at Uganda Certificate of Education.  Diploma holders are also invited to apply.  Foreign applicants have to present a letter of equivalent from NCHE.

Scholarship or Funding Opportunity

Special Needs Education Programmes are enlisted in the Higher Education Students’ Financing Board (HESFB).


Brochure Bachelor of Inclusive Dead Education 

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