Arch Bishop Kiwanuka Memorial Library receives books donation from the Nippon Foundation Donation


The Arch Bishop Kiwanuka Memorial Library at Uganda Martyrs University has received a generous donation of books from the Nippon Foundation through its program; “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan.”


The programme aims at improving cross-cultural understanding of Japan and providing books in English to supplement popular images of Japan than people may have gained via television and movies. The books are selected by a committee of diplomats, academics and businessmen from both Japan and abroad, thus, they cover a wide range of topics and titles including; culture, politics, business, technology, gender, among others.

The consignment of 90 books was handed over to the University Librarian, Ms. Judith Nannozi by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs, Assoc. Prof. Michael Mawa. The donation comes as a result of the collaboration between UMU and the University of East Asia (UEA) in Japan; and successful application by the University through the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs.

These books will boost the information resource base of the university particularly about Japan and are available for use by students, staff and the general public.

The Nippon Foundation is a private, not for profit organization whose endeavors include; promoting safety in the Malacca Straits, assistance programmes in Japan focusing on marginalized groups, international programmes to eradicate leprosy, and supporting international cooperation.

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