Uganda Organic Sector Training



UMU – Nkozi                                                                    : EVF 10th -14th October, 2017
Gulu                                                                                      : 23rd -27th October, 2017
Bishop Magambo Training Center-Fortpotal   : 6th – 10th November, 2017
Starting Time                                                                : 9.00 am to 5 Pm.


UMU has promotion of organic agriculture at the centre of its programmes. In order to build local capacity, a training course is one of the
activities executed within UMU Faculty of Agriculture. The training is implemented by UMU with some expertise got from NOGAMU and other training institutions.


Target group

The target group consists of key persons who are seriously interested in developing organic projects or programmes, supporting structures (i.e. extension service, organic sector body etc.), and policy makers in the country.


The training fee is as follows:
UGX 150,000 per participant in Gulu includes training material and meals.
UGX 200,000 Fortpotal includes training material and food
UGX 200,000 UMU-Nkozi includes training material and food
Each participant covers his or her own accommodation, insurance
and travel costs.



The training will be basically Practical and consist of lectures, study visits, group work and individual work in:
1. Organic agriculture overview and policy
2. Principles of organic production
3. Communication and extension Methods
4. Markets for organic products
5. Standards, regulation, certification/ICS system
6. Planning and development of organic projects

During the training the participants will work on an individual plan for an organic project. Participants are expected to implement the plan
after the training.

This training is managed by Uganda Martyrs
University with assistance from National Organic Agriculture Movement in Uganda (NOGAMU)


For information and application forms please contact:
The Dean Faculty of Agriculture
Uganda Martyrs University
P.O.Box 5498 , Kampala