School of Arts and Social Sciences

Welcome Message from the Dean of SASS


Dear prospective Student,

You are most welcome to the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS)! We are glad that we feature in your search and hopefully, your choice of a study and research institution in the area of languages, communication studies, governance, peace studies, international relations, public policy and development studies. We do reassure you of our highest commitment and facility to the fruition of your academic sojourn with us.Max

In SASS, you will interact with your fellow students and faculty from over twenty countries in the world, taking and teaching in various courses and programmes. This opportunity avails u with a rich and stimulating multicultural learning environment, which can lead you to various networks and collaborations in view of your academic and subsequent work life. As such, your eventual participation in SASS is very important to each member of the School because you bring to us a unique tint of new diversity to enrich our teaching, research and outreach in the arts and social sciences.

SASS will be your first home in the community of Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) and the first line of belonging and communication. It is divided into four departments and one research centre namely: the Department of Languages and Communication Studies (based at UMU’s main campus, Nkozi); the Department Governance and Peace Studies (based at UMU’s main campus, Nkozi); The Department of Development Studies (based at Nkozi and with classes at both campus A and B in Kampala); The Department of Diplomacy and International Studies (based at Kampala); and the Centre for African Studies, which also houses a Museum in Nkozi.

From the inception of the school resulting from the merging processes of the different academic departments and the centres, SASS embodies itself as a bedrock of great initiatives, synergy of energies, and great conglomeration of social innovations. I look forward to welcoming you personally. SASS will treasure you and your contributions, and we hope that together, we shall lead the world in virtue and wisdom.

Yours sincerely,

Asssociate Professor Maximiano Ngabirano,

The Dean,


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SASS Handbook 2016

Post Graduate Programmes

PhD in Governance, Peace and Development
Master of Arts in Development Studies
Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Studies
Master of Arts in Environmental Security and Peace
Master of Arts in Human Rights
Master of Arts in International Trade Policy and Law
Master of Arts in Local Governance and Human Rights
Master of Arts in Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management
Master of Refugees and Migration Studies
Master of in Research and Public Policy

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Arts in Democracy and Development Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Development Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Local Governance and Human Rights
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Management
Bachelor of Social Development and Counselling
Diploma in Democracy and Development Studies
Diploma in Local Governance and Human Rights
Diploma in Records and Information Management
Certificate in Records and Information Management

SASS is committed to providing innovative, high quality instruction that empowers students to become responsible citizens, highly trained employees/experts and lifelong learners. SASS aspires to produce men and women who value scholarship, diversity, and integrity. Through research and community engagement SASS strives to reach out to society in service.

The School’s vision is to be an entity that is highly recognized for educating the millennial generation; producing outcome-centred graduates well equipped with real world-problem solving skills.

To maintain a high quality of course instructors and programs that respond to the millennium needs and challenges.

To assign students with creative, inventive, and challenging tasks necessary for provoking them to address complex, social, economic, ethical, and personal demands both nationally and globally.

To acquaint students with theories, concepts, and data that they can use to evaluate human situations that form part of their political, social, and economic world.

To prepare students for the job market, by imparting them with relevant skills  to enable them to make viable contributions to their nation and to the wellbeing and growth of their enterprises and workplaces.

To encourage students and staff to engage in useful research that will enrich the nation and the institution.

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Hardwork
  • Generosity
  • Solidarity

The world’s social transformation begins with you!