Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance (QA) Unit at UMU was established in 2008 with two part-time staff. One was acting QA Coordinator and the other as an Administrator/Editor. At the time, there was a national concern of a downward trend in academic quality in Ugandan universities emanating from increased student population but with disproportionately low resource allocation. The QA Unit acquired office space in 2009 and was equipped with some desirable office equipment. In 2010, the QA Unit obtained a Directorate status and two new full-time staff were employed to run the Directorate. They included a Director and an Administrator. At the moment, the QA Directorate has a full time Quality Assurance Officer and two Administrators.


To promote efficient planning, management and provision of quality services in order to achieve excellence nationally and internationally.


To strengthen, consolidate and maintain Total Quality Assurance in Uganda Martyrs University.

Functions of Quality Assurance Directorate
The QA Directorate at UMU is mandated to ensure:

  1. Improved and sustained quality in academic programmes
  2. Quality of staff is enhanced;
  3. Quality in teaching and learning is improved upon;
  4. Quality in support services is enhanced;
  5. Quality of resources and facilities continuously improve;
  6. Quality of research and publication is maintained high;
  7. Quality in community engagement services continuously improve.

For effective execution of QA activities, the QAD works hand in hand with the established QA structures which include:

  • The Core QA Committee of Senate
  • Institutional /Internal QA Committee
  • Curriculum Review Committee of Senate
  • Faculty/Departmental QA Committees
  • Students’ QA Committee.

Message from the Quality Assurance Officer

At Uganda Martyrs University, issues of quality assurance are a concern of every community member (both staff and students). We attach quality to all our undertakings specifically in the areas of research, community outreach, teaching and learning.

The Quality Assurance Directorate (QAD) is continuously collecting data, analysing, and producing reports on students’ evaluation of teaching and learning. Of recent QAD started producing research–based findings on the quality of students’ support services and the reports are shared with relevant stakeholders hoping for appropriate actions.

The QAD in its operations is guided by Institutional Quality Assurance Policy and Guidelines, National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) benchmarks; Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) and African Catholic Universities Quality Agency (ACUQA) guidelines.

We also benchmark and learn from the QA guidelines of other like-minded organisations. Uganda Martyrs University shall continue to nurture and strengthen its quality assurance systems with concerted efforts of stakeholders at institutional, national, regional and international levels.

Address for Correspondence

Quality Assurance Directorate
Uganda Martyrs University
P.O Box 5498, Kampala.
Email: qa@umu.ac.ug
Phone No. (+256) 038228664, (+256) 0382419611