Outreach Directorate

Organized community outreach at Uganda Martyrs University started as a community social services arm of the Equator Valley Farm (EVF) in 1999, with a purpose of contributing to community development through facilitating capacity of maize farmers within a short radius of the University.

The farm management felt a social responsibility to develop together with the surrounding community by starting an education program targeting farmers in the sub-county community.

An agricultural outreach service program was initiated focusing on teaching improved agricultural practices to farmers, as well as equipping the community with knowledge in food utilization.

With support from a Belgian NGO known as TRIAS, EVF expanded the scope of outreach, both geographically and thematically – to cover 3 sub-counties of Buwama, Kintuuntu, and Nkozi – educating farmers on improved agricultural practices and nutrition. The community nutrition project is one of the most effective activities that the University has ever impressed in the three sub-counties. To date, many people within the community are still referring to EVF and the outreach field office at Kayabwe as MUKUZA, – relating to one of the famous nutritious foods for the infants which the disadvantaged mothers used to obtain from the farm.