Uganda Martyrs University Museum

“A place where culture meets its people”

Uganda Martyrs University Museum was set up in 1996 as a collection of cultural artefacts and sculptures from Uganda and Africa at large. Our museum is one of the few anthropological community museums available in Uagnda. It is under Center for African Studies but housed by Archbishop Kiwanuka Memorial Library.

The museum preserves culture and heritage through collecting artefacts, oral history and other culture elements. These are collected depending on the different themes of traditional clothing, religion (divinations), household tools, leisure activities and games, oral history, sculptures (art works) to mention but a few. The museum serves all students, lecturers, visitors and researchers both local and international.  It partners and collaborates with cross cultural foundation Uganda and Uganda community museums Association.



To be the lead among university museums of natural and cultural heritage, a catalyst for intellectual discovery, a contributor to the University’s mission, and a connection to our research and collections for diverse constituents;



To preserve and promote African culture, as to facilitate research on its significance and world development;

Guiding principles

  • Protect and interpret significant natural and cultural heritage collections;
  • Promote scientific and interdisciplinary understanding of the world around us;
  • Encourages stewardship of natural and cultural heritage through preservation, interpretation and education;
  • Integrate university teaching, research and community engagements and other service objectives;
  • Provide exhibits and programs that are mission-centered, interpretive and engage broad audiences;
  • Encourage lifelong learning that is accessible to all;

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Ceremonial Sculptures from DRC


Ceremonial Masks from DRC


Traditional Shoes (Emikarabanda)


From central and western Uganda

Storage Cabinets for the Museum artefacts


African shields