Research Directorate

The Research Directorate (RD) of Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) was put in place to spearhead and manage research at UMU. Since the university has chosen to put research on top of its agenda, the role of the RD should be seen in that context. It should be noted, however, that the work of the RD can never, and should not try to, replace that of the different faculties, institute, schools and departments in doing research.

The RD does initiate some research and facilitates doing research elsewhere in the university. In all this we cannot forget one of the objects of UMU as stated in its Charter, namely that research must be done for the “betterment of life in Uganda in particular as well as elsewhere.”

Role and Responsibilities of the RD

  • The roles and responsibilities of the RD shall include the following:
  • Spearheading the generation of the research agenda of the university
  • Organising seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Reviewing research policy and directions from time to time
  • Serving as the administrative secretariat to the Research and Publications Committee
  • (RPC), which is tasked with scrutinising and recommending support for research proposals in the university.
  • Developing and maintaining a research database and financial management system for research projects in UMU
  • Maintaining and monitoring a system designed to assist principal researchers in meeting their research implementation schedules
  • Assisting researchers in securing research grants
  • Processing all research proposals and research reports
  • Generating and disseminating research guidelines
  • Serving as the point of contact with funding agencies in terms of technical and financial progress reporting
  • Initiating, facilitating and maintaining liaison with government agencies and other stakeholders
  • Promoting research culture amongst the staff and students of UMU
  • Publishing UMU’s research findings
  • Organising relevant training programmes to enhance the capacity of UMU staff in research