Faculty of Health Sciences

About the Faculty

As implied in the motto “Working for a new generation of health managers,” Faculty of Health Sciences was established to train health managers with appropriate skills and knowledge to effectively address managerial challenges that face health care systems in developing countries.

A number of programmes have been discussed with our stakeholders and developed to suite needs of the healthcare system.  Our major stakeholders with whom we are in constant consultation with include Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid (CORDAID), Ministry of Health, Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB).
The faculty offers the following programmes

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Certificate in Health Services Management
  2. Diploma in Health Promotion and Education
  3. Diploma in Health Promotion and Education

Postgraduate Courses

  1. Master of Science in Health Services Management
  2. Master of Public Health – Health Promotion
  3. Master of Public Health – Population and Reproductive
  4. Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion