Faculty of Education

About the Faculty

A major feature, of the on-going development worldwide, is that many organizations and individuals demand that education plays a leading role in addressing the challenges and problems faced by humanity.  They want education not only to assist the young and old to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge required in the emerging economies but also to participate fully in the creation of a sustainable future for all.  Accordingly, the Faculty of Education of Uganda Martyrs University holds the vision of being the center of excellence in the region in both academic education and much needed values of education.

The Faculty of Education is committed to achieving Uganda Martyrs University’s goals for the development of the human person in a way that is qualitative, affordable and convenient to the students. It attempts to achieve these objectives through a combination of traditional face to face and distance learning approaches utilizing well designed modules. The Faculty recognizes that in this radically changing world, it is extremely important that in order to survive, individuals must continuously update their skills and knowledge about society. For this reason, it is committed to promoting continuous professional development of qualified teachers who need to be equipped with new approaches and relevant knowledge in the field of education and society. The Faculty recognizes further that the major challenge to be faced in this millennium is to provide education without distance barriers, everywhere and for everyone.


To develop an integral person by providing high quality teacher/lecturer education in a conducive environment in order to produce a creative and competent professional so as to serve the nation and the world guided by values in working in the education field.


To be nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in teaching, learning, research and the advancement of knowledge through training of teachers/lecturers for the Great Lakes Region and beyond.

Programmes under the Faculty:

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Diploma in Education – Primary (2 years – Distance learning)
  2. Bachelors of Education – Primary (3 years – Distance learning)
  3. Bachelor of Arts with Education (3 years – Full-time)
  4. Bachelor of Arts English Language and Literature with Education (3 years – Full-time)
  5. Bachelor of Education English Language and Literature (3 years – Distance learning)
  6. Bachelor of Science with Education (3 years – Full-time)

Postgraduate Courses

  1. Master of Arts in Education and Development (1 year – Full-time)
  2. Master of Education (1, 2 and 3 years – Full-time, Part-time or Holiday)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (2 years – Distance learning)