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The Faculty of Agriculture started in 2000. The goal of the Faculty is to produce professional agriculturists with the hands-on skills they need to contribute to the modernization and sustainability of agricultural production in Africa. Uganda Martyrs University hopes that through producing these professionals, the Faculty contributes to improvement of food security and nutrition and poverty alleviation in Africa.


To build a critical quality and quantity of professional agriculturalists with sustainable resource management hands on skills, in order to meet the university goal of creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere where intellectual and moral values are a priority, while contributing to the national goal of modernizing agriculture as means of contributing to achieving food security, alleviating poverty and diversifying foreign exchange earners. The way to achieve this will be through short and long term, demand- driven curricula, as well as farmers’ needs oriented outreach programs.


Currently, there are three Bachelors’ degree programs, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Bachelor of Science in Organic Agriculture, distance learning each lasting four (4) years. The faculty is also running a fulltime Bachelor of Agriculture programme at the Equator Valley farm. The MSc. Agro ecology is still running as a weekend part-time programme at Rubaga. These programs were initiated based on market demand and consultation with stakeholders. The faculty is also in the process of initiating a Master’s program in Monitoring and Evaluation.

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