Dean of Students

The Office of DoS is responsible for students’ welfare, health, accommodation, meals and extra-curricular activities.

We advocate for student issues, needs and concerns, and respond to emergency and crisis situations affecting students

There are sub-departments that work hand in hand for the wellbeing of the students. These are;

  • Warden’s Department
  • Sports Department
  • Uganda Martyrs University Students’ Union(UMUSU)
  • The Counseling Unit
  • The Student Success Centre(Mentorship Program)
  • Catering Department managed by M/s Finaland Restaurant
  • Infirmary Unit managed by M/s AAR Health Insurance

Sub-departments under the Dean of Students Office

  • The Warden assumes overall responsibility for the management and administration of the Halls of Residence, its students and property.
  • Monitors the general health of students in close collaboration with AAR  Health Services.
  • Keeps all University keys.
  • Allocates rooms to students in University Halls of residence.

We coordinate with warden on students’ accommodation both inside and out side the Campus.

We carry out routine check ups and inspection of various Halls and Hostels respectively

This department is headed by the Sports Tutor. The department of sports and recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through comprehensive, dynamic and exciting inter-hall championships scheduled each semester. University students are also involved in various National and International Sports Competitions.


Our office work hand in hand with the Sports

Tutor and see into it that Students do have their sport activities run smoothly and timely.

Various sports discipline are encouraged among students and they include but not limited to; Soccer, Rugby, Basketball,  Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Netball, among others

Uganda Martyrs University Student Union (UMUSU) is a students’ body headed by a Union President who is democratically elected by the students in accordance with the students’ constitution. UMUSU is a link between the students’ body and the University Administration. The Student Union President is a member of the Governing Council.

Organizing orientation of newstudents (International students) Freshers in all the Campuses

Organizing student election

Monitoring of the UMUSU finances and activities

Liaising with the Finance Officer on the computation of the UMUSU Funds and monitoring their transfer to the UMUSU Account

Uganda Martyrs University partnered with AAR to provide medical services to students at an affordable fee. Below are the AAR services;

Inpatient Services

Accidents and emergencies, intensive care and theatre hospital accommodation, nursing fees, medical expenses and ancillary charges, surgeons, consultants, anesthetists, medical practitioners, prescribed medicines and drugs, reconstructive surgery following an accident or following surgery for an eligible medical condition, internal prostheses, X-rays, MRI and CT scans, pathology, diagnostic tests & procedures, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Accidental damage to natural eyes, accidental damage to natural teeth, physiotherapy, blood transfusion among others.

Outpatient treatment

Primary consultations and treatment, medical practitioners’ fees, prescribed medicines, drugs and dressings, X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests & procedures, specialists & consultation fees, prescribed medicines, drugs and dressings, physiotherapy, health education, oncology tests, drugs & consultation fees including cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, MRI and CT scans, out-patient minor surgical operations, antenatal/postnatal examination and treatments, post hospitalization treatment, pap smear, 24 hour nurse Advisory Services, Referrals within and outside AAR where a specialist’s opinion is required, Family planning advice and procedures, Counselling, HIV/AIDS global fund drugs for HIV for first line if where located available.

 Rescue and Evacuation

Uganda Martyrs University students are entitled to road ambulance services in Uganda.


Students can access services in all AAR clinics and over 100 sub-contracted centers that traverse the country in the year.

The University has a full time counsellor who helps students who need assistance and guidance about daily life problems which might hamper their steady progress in academics or prevent them from enjoying their life in general. Such problems embrace a whole range of health (medical and psychiatric) problems, social, marital, sexual, academic, spiritual and other problems.

The counselling services are aimed at meeting the psychological needs of students by providing a safe, supportive, and confidential environment that promotes self-awareness, fosters responsibility and respect, and teaches effective coping strategies. The University counsellor is available from Monday to Tuesday at Rubaga Campus; and from Wednesday to Friday at the Main Campus.

Finaland Restaurant is the student authorized service provider of meals. The meals offered include breakfast, break tea, lunch, evening tea and dinner.

Students pay money direct to Finaland for their meals.  There are other service providers as well.

The personal safety and security of each student is both an individual and community concern. The University has partnered with Security Group (Uganda) Limited to provide security services.

While it strives to provide a campus environment free of undue risks to persons and property, it is each person’s responsibility to pay attention to his or her surroundings, to avoid hazardous situations, and to exercise his or her own best judgment to maintain personal safety and wellbeing.

Address for Correspondence

Dean of Students
Uganda Martyrs University
P.O Box 5498, Kampala.
Phone No. (+256) 0382410611