StartHub Africa Entrepreneurship Academy Certificated Program

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Uganda Martyrs University is glad to announce that any student can now apply until 07th September 2017 for the science-based Entrepreneurship Academy of StartHub Africa, a venture designed by members of the universities TU & LMU (Munich, Germany), Oxford, MIT & Harvard.

The StartHub Academy is an action-oriented entrepreneurship course that stretches over the entire semester and will be held by lecturers of Uganda Martyrs University. Build your own company until the end of this year and compete with teams from 5 universities in Uganda. You will pitch your business idea in front of more than 250 students, investors and entrepreneurs at the end of the semester.


  1. High motivation to become an entrepreneur
    Students who show higher motivation are more likely to be selected.
  2. ll kind of students (both BA/MA & PhD)
    All kind of students can apply. They work in a team of 3-5 other students. They can select their own team members or be matched in the application process. The selection bases include factors such as personal skills and motivation.
  3. Time investment
    Note that the Academy is extracurricular and time consuming on top of the normal lectures. It includes weekly 3-hour lectures & many more hours of To Do’s with your team. Only students willing to give it a priority can be successful.
  4. Starting capital
    Neither StartHub Africa nor the university receive any money from students. However, every startup needs some starting capital. Therefore, each participant is due to form the startup capital. Be prepared to have some money in backhand at the kick-off event. Throughout the academy, you need to invest money in your businesses in order to be able to successfully start your business. Begin to raise money from friends, parents and relatives to become a successful entrepreneur.


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Offline: Application forms are found in the Office of Associate Dean of Business Administration and Management.